WordPress 3.7.1 Maintenance Release – Did Automatic Update Work?

WordPress 3.7.1 Maintenance ReleaseWordPress 3.7.1 was released October 29, 2013, just 5 days after version 3.7. This maintenance release includes 11 bug fixes.

According to WordPress.org, if you’ve already upgraded to WordPress 3.7, the new automatic background updates should take care of this for you in the next few hours. Note: This will only work if your site supports the automatic update.

Not sure if your site will run the automatic update? You can check by installing the Background Update Tester plugin. (Tip: After you’ve run the tester, be sure to deactivate and delete the plugin. No need to keep it on the server if you’re not using it.)

Here’s a summary of the WordPress 3.7.1 bug fixes:

  • Images with captions no longer appear broken in the visual editor.
  • Allow some sites running on old or poorly configured servers to continue to check for updates from WordPress.org.
  • Avoid fatal errors with certain plugins that were incorrectly calling some WordPress functions too early
  • Fix hierarchical sorting in get_pages(), exclusions in wp_list_categories(), and in_category() when called with empty values.
  • Fix a warning that may occur in certain setups while performing a search, and a few other notices.

Source: WordPress 3.7.1 Maintenance Release

Here’s a list of revised files including in this update:

  • wp-admin/includes/plugin-install.php
  • wp-admin/includes/theme.php
  • wp-admin/includes/update-core.php
  • wp-admin/includes/update.php
  • wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php
  • wp-admin/credits.php
  • wp-admin/update-core.php
  • wp-admin/about.php
  • wp-admin/freedoms.php
  • wp-includes/default-constants.php
  • wp-includes/option.php
  • wp-includes/taxonomy.php
  • wp-includes/post.php
  • wp-includes/query.php
  • wp-includes/l10n.php
  • wp-includes/user.php
  • wp-includes/version.php
  • wp-includes/update.php
  • wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wpeditimage/editor_plugin_src.js
  • wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wpeditimage/editor_plugin.js
  • wp-includes/js/tinymce/wp-tinymce.js.gz
  • wp-includes/category-template.php

Also, hop on over to the WordPress 3.7 Master List and check out any issues being reported.

Important Questions For You – Are you running backups on your site? I’m not just talking about database backups, but do you schedule full site backups too so all your site files and media (images, pdfs, videos, audios, etc.) are stored safely? What happens if the automatic update or a plugin conflict breaks your site? I sure hope so.

If not, you can easily install the BackupBuddy plugin and schedule daily backups and store them offsite (such as AmazonS3, Dropbox, etc.) just in case something goes wrong. Every website owner NEEDS regular site backups!

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Leave Your Feedback

Let us know if the automatic update to WordPress 3.7.1 worked for you. And have you found any WordPress plugin or theme conflicts with WordPress 3.7 or WordPress 3.7.1? Please share by leaving your comment below.


  1. Ruth Spoonemore says

    I have several websites that don’t auto-update to 3.7.1, they all run on the Twenty Eleven theme. My site with the Twenty Thirteen theme updated automatically.

  2. says

    I haven’t even updated to 3.7 yet. Yikes!

    I don’t know how I feel about automatic updates, though. I know it will only push through minor releases and not the major ones, but I still worry about not seeing what’s happening, and the potential for something to break and me not able to figure out which plugin/theme/whatever caused the issue.
    Cindy Bidar recently posted…How to Reduce Email Marketing MishapsMy Profile

  3. cheryl says


    I was planning to update my site(blog site) which running genesis 1 and an old version of wordpress. If I update this on right now. What possible problem should i face? by the way its a custom blog.. I am afraid to update it now. I might lost my files .. thanks

    • says

      Hi Cheryl,

      What version of WordPress do you have? To safely update you should not go more than 2 major upgrades, example: if you have version 3.5.x then upgrading to 3.7.1 should not be a problem. If you have anything older than 3.5, then you should do it in stages, i.e. 3.1 to 3.3, 3.3 to 3.5, etc.

      For Genesis, if you’re using a child theme then it should be okay to upgrade. If you customized the Genesis files themselves, you will lose those changes with the upgrade and should be done manually. However, I would be leary about pushing the upgrade from Genesis 1 to Genesis 2 since it was such a big change in framework. Be sure to make a complete backup of your database and site files first.

      If you need help, we would be glad to do it for you, click here for more info.
      Regina Smola recently posted…WP Security Lock Partners with Better WP Security for Safer WordPress BlogsMy Profile

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