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  • When I heard Regina Smola of WPSecurityLock give a teleseminar on WordPress Security, I was blown away! Ha, I thought I knew... boy did she prove me wrong. Hiring WPSecurityLock to fix my sites was the best thing I could have ever done. They helped to remove viruses, spam, and added the security I needed. Professional, timely and knowledgeable service is exactly what they provide. Now I feel at peace and HIGHLY recommend WPSecurityLock!
    Regina Baker
  • If you're looking for a WordPress site that's secure from hackers installed by folks who listen to what you want and how you want it, the team at WPSecurityLock can't be beat. They'll even stick with you when you change your mind without charging you an arm and a leg. I installed a basic WordPress site myself—then what? I didn't have a clue how to make it look great, how to make it secure, what plugins I needed, much less how to install them. The WPSecurityLock team came to my rescue. What I liked best was their willingness to show me how to do simple things that I can do myself. If you want to save time and have them to do everything, they'll do that. But I like to learn so I asked questions. They explained in plain English and walked me through what I needed to know. No geek talk. No condescending manner to somebody who didn't know this, that, or the other. The WPSecurityLock team is tops in security and keeping you from getting hacked, but they're also a full-service WordPress outfit. I have no hesitation recommending them to you—whatever your WordPress needs are.
    Dr. MaryJo Wagner
  • We rely on WPSecurityLock to secure every self-hosted WordPress website we have. They are professional and do a terrific job in reducing the risks of having my websites compromised. I would highly recommend them if you are self-hosting any WordPress website. My only complaint is that I wish I would have found them sooner. I struggled for a long time with other vendors. I give them my highest recommendation.
    Geoffrey Ronning
  • Regina Smola has on more than one occasion been a real "life or more accurately Site" savior for me. Even going as far as to meet me on Skype and walk me through a solution. Sometimes the solution was on her web-site. If you leave a comment it more than likely will be replied to by Regina. This alone put her head and shoulders above the fray.
    Robert Nelson
  • Regina Smola and her team at WP Security Lock are hands down the most knowledgeable professionals out there when it comes to securing WordPress and other database driven websites from malicious hackers. I hired Regina for the first time in December 2010 and her service was so fast, thorough, professional, and above and beyond what I had expected, I have hired her several times since. Now, I strongly urge every one of my clients to have WP Security Lock secure their website against the possibility of a malicious malware attack.  It simply is not worth the risk to leave your site vulnerable to these attacks that are becoming more prevalent every day.  Just installing a few security plugins is not enough to protect your website from these hackers who work day and night to find new ways to exploit vulnerable websites.  Regina and her team stay on top of the latest threats and know what to do to protect their clients from them.  I can't recommend WP Security Lock highly enough.
    Norma Maxwell
  • Regina of WPSecurityLock.com is brilliant. The brilliance comes from her passion to teach others how to have more freedom in life when you have security in some of your most valuable assets (i.e. your business website!). I had the honor of interviewing Regina for the Blogging Masters Telesummit, and she blew me away with the various techniques and strategies we really need to keep in mind when putting our websites together. She overdelivered and gave a ton more value than I could ever have expected. She is the go-to person for Internet Safety, and I would go to Regina before anyone else for any and all my website security needs because of her passion to keep me and my business safe. Thank you Regina for serving each of us with your brilliance!
    Maruxa Murphy
  • Regina Smola at WP Security Lock saved my business! When my servers were hacked because of some basic mistakes I'd made and because I relied on a "security expert" who wasn't really one, I found Regina. And she's the real deal. I went through a nightmare with my online servers. Regina was with me every step of the way treating my business as if it were her business and educating me at the same time. I was so blown away, that invited her to come to the next NAMS workshop to caution the advanced group on how to protect their business from the 1000s of malicious hackers out there. She's my rock. Regina is my best-kept secret.
    David Perdew
  • Regina Smola is one of my best kept secrets that I share willingly with anyone who needs top-notch help with web server and WordPress security and other tech support too. I've found her to be knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive to my questions and request for service. And it's so nice to find that her terrific tech support comes with a pleasant and positive attitude as the "standard option". Regina is tops. I recommend her highly, and often!
    Mark Hendricks
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    Regina, it was great to spend a few days with you at ISS. And your presentation was much needed. I think we all need a swift kick every now and then to think about security. That's what I like about ISS workshops. We actually have time allocated to do these thing that we learn!
    Christine Cobb


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