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Full SSL Security

Your entire site will be secured with SSL, every page will be checked for full security compliance. No stone will be unturned.

Security Scan

We will scan each site we work on for any malware or abnormalities, we want to be extra sure that our clients are running safe websites.

Redirects For Old Links

Any old incoming links with the old “http” structure will be automatically redirected to the new link structure. No pages will be harmed.

Future SSL Renewals

Is SSL expiring on your site we've worked on? We'll renew it and check the install on your server. Just let us know in our contact area!

SEO Compliance

We will then ensure that the search engines are aware of the new change, and submit sitemaps as needed to Google Search Console.

WPSL Guarantee

Our services are always guaranteed to have quality, precision, completeness, and most importantly, keep you and your visitors safe.


“…I strongly urge every one of my clients to have WP Security Lock secure their website. It simply is not worth the risk to leave your site vulnerable to these attacks that are becoming more prevalent every day.  Just installing a few security plugins is not enough to protect your website from these hackers who work day and night to find new ways to exploit vulnerable websites. “

Normal Maxwell – Connect Interactive, LLC

“I found the good folks over at WPSecurityLock who took the time to review my WordPress sites for security concerns. They provided me with easy-to-understand instructions on how to keep my WordPress sites safe and offered their services to maintain my sites. I can honestly say that I'm thankful for the team at WPSecurityLock. They are a timesaver and now I have a peace of mind that my WordPress sites are secure. Thank you WPSecurityLock. You're simply the best!”

Kelli Claypool – Unconventional Business Coach, President & CEO

Technical Stuff & Quick Summary Of Tasks To Complete When Installing SSL

We can get extremely technical about Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL), but we'd like to keep it really simple here today.

In its purest form, having an SSL certificate installed on your site means that the connection from your current internet browser to the site's server is secured through encryption.

You want to have this on your site to protect your visitors' privacy primarily. However it also benefits your site in the eyes of search engines. Why? Because there have been many points where search engines have threatened to penalize sites that do not have SSL encryption on their pages.

Any data that is sent from you through to the site's server cannot be intercepted, because it is sent as code rather than plain text. Pretty cool, right? Those pesky hackers won't be able to see your credit card numbers, personal information, private chats, pictures uploaded, etc.

Most of the time is is possible to have an SSL certificate installed right through the cPanel, WHM, Plesk, or whatever you may be using as a command center for your site.

The important thing to remember when doing this is that there is a checklist of items to complete on your own after requesting and assigning an SSL certificate to your site. It must be verified by visiting the address and manually entering “https://” before your URL you'd like to test.

Good results? Great! Next, you will need to make sure that whatever CMS you're using knows that the “https://” URLs should be the new standard (in our case, we'd change this in WordPress's General Settings area).

We would then want to scan our content to ensure that all of our image/media URLs are also changed to match. Why is this? Well, if the browser notices that any media files linked are not showing “https://” in the URLs, our shiny new green “lock” icon next to our newly secured URL will turn into an ugly gray.

This is simply to alert visitors that the site may be secure, but some media elements in the page aren't totally encrypted.

The final steps are for the visitors and the search engines. It is important to make sure that there is a redirect policy in place so that anyone who links to the site with the old structure gets redirected to the new URL structure with “https://” in the final URL. This can be done with 301 redirects in the .htaccess file. This will also let the search engine crawlers know that the pages have moved to a new location, because technically your page/post links are new links now.

The final step should be to generate a new sitemap and make some URL adjustments in places such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Submit that new sitemap with “https://” URLs to Google Search Console as well.

Yes! Our team of security experts will treat your site with the utmost care as we perform each of the above tasks quickly and completely. We will then send you a report letting you know that your site is fully secure. We make it fast and simple to ease your mind while you focus on what matters.

Visitor Private Data Encryption Is Key!


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