Regina Smola Featured Speaker at NAMS7 in Atlanta, GA Feb 10-12, 2012

NAMS6 Regina Smola WordPress Security WorkshopNiche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop (NAMS) is one of the premier conferences for anyone doing business Online. It’s three full days of hands-on instruction from over 25 top-notch experts and you get the opportunity to work one-on-one on YOUR business.

If you’re serious about your business, NAMS 7 is a “not to be missed” event!

I attended NAMS4 in Atlanta, which helped me launch my business. And right before NAMS5, David Perdew, the founder of NAMS, took our training a giant step further by launching the MYNAMS membership. Inside we get a private support forum, accountability groups, member blogs, training modules, webinars, monthly Q&A calls, interviews from the experts, weekly blog posts, website reviews and much much more. Then I took what I learned from NAMS5 and my business grew even more.

Then I was honored when David asked me to speak at NAMS6. I gave two live security workshops and the attendee participation was amazing! I truly enjoyed showing the class how to protect themselves and their content online.

Now NAMS7 is just around the corner. I hope you can join me there!

I’ll be teaching two live workshops at NAMS7 from February 10-12, 2012 in Atlanta, GA:

  • Workshop #1 – Setting Up Your Business Right (with Chris Cobb and Dan R. Morris).
  • Workshop #2 – Bullet Proofing Your Business

Discover How You Can Build A Profitable, Sustainable, Recession-Proof Business With Hands-On Training By Real-World, Proven Experts. Come hang out with me, learn from the instructors, network with the attendees, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

*Go to NAMS

In addition to learning how to be successful in your business, you’re going to make amazing friends, find JV opportunities, and get REAL help tailored to your business needs.

Here’s some fun shots from NAMS6 I thought I would share:

NAMS6 - Dinner with FriendsIn between workshops, one of my favorite things to do is have a meal with my NAMS friends.

The restaurant at the hotel has great food and friendly staff too.

Hope to have a meal with you too!


NAMS6 FirepitIn the evenings, you can catch the NAMSters out by the firepit (next to the pool).

This is a great place to meet everyone, share ideas, make lifetime connections.

Be sure to bring a sweater and hang out by the firepit with me!

NAMS6 WP Security Lock TeamOkay, so this was supposed to be a serious pic.  The WP Security Lock team was “attempting” to look like serious “hacker attackers” so we could make some fun marketing materials with it. However, you can see how well that turned out.

Hey, did I tell ya that Kurt Scholle is doing pro-headshots at NAMS7?


I’m arriving early Thursday, February 9 and leaving after the network breakfast on Monday, February 13. If you’re going to be at NAMS7 let me know so we can have a meal together or hang out by the firepit. If you’ve been to NAMS before, encourage others to attend by leaving your feedback below. And if you have a specific question about NAMS or a security question you want me to answer at one of my live workshops, leave your comment below.

Securely yours,

Regina Smola

Regina Smola
WordPress Security Expert
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P.S. I’m bringing some really cool prizes for the giveaways at NAMS! Make sure you bring your business cards for the daily prize drawings.


  1. says

    Regina, I can’t wait for NAMS. What fun. Will be there at both your workshops to cheer you on to fame and fortune. And I’m encouraging folks who haven’t gotten their ticket to this amazing conference to do it now. Regina’s got the link above if you missed. I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

    • Angie Newton says

      Maryjo, it was great to see you at NAMS. Sad you had to leave early, missed saying goodbye. Hope to see you in August.

    • Angie Newton says

      So great to see you Kurt. Thanks for being our travel buddy. It’s not the same without you so we look forward to planning for our Aug. trip.

      Your pictures of NAMS turned out awesome.

  2. says

    Regina, it was great to meet you and I’m looking forward to working with you in the future! Your knowledge of WP security is inspiring. And, I was honored to contribute during your session.

    • Angie Newton says

      Hey Gary, it was great meeting you. Thanks for helping me in Regina’s session. We look forward to working with you in the future. Hope to see you at NAMS in August.

    • Angie Newton says

      NAMS was a blast! It was really great to connect with you, I can’t wait to work together. Thanks so much for all your help with filezilla and stuff. You rock!

      See you in August.

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