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Atlanta Business Workshop: NAMS

NAMS Atlanta Business Workshop

Atlanta Business Workshop Have you heard of the Atlanta business workshop called NAMS? It stands for Novice to Advanced Marketing System. You learn how to grow a successful Internet business, make wonderful connections, JV partnerships and new friends. Many of our WP Security Lock Team Members attend this business workshop twice a year. It's my personal favorite. I have written about it many times on the blog. You don't want to miss the next NAMS. … [Read more...]

We Recommend Liquid Web Hosting for security and excellent support

Liquid Web Hosting

Does your WordPress blog/site go down constantly?  Maybe you need a new, fully managed web hosting company with security in mind and awesome support. Liquid Web will be that for you! Liquid Web has a variety of hosting plans, including shared, storm, vps (virtual private server) and dedicated servers. Their customer service is one of the best around and they have a staff that is both friendly and knowledgeable.(Several of our clients are on Liquid … [Read more...]

How to Hide Your WordPress Username

WordPress Security - Hide Username

Question: I can see my WordPress username when I view my source code on my blog. How do I hide my WordPress username for better security? And is there a WordPress security plugin that will do this for me? Answer #1: Follow the steps below (hide your username manually) Login to your WordPress Dashboard Go to Users > All Users Mouse over the user you want to change and click "Edit" Fill in "First Name" Fill in "Last Name" Fill in … [Read more...]

Time Sensitive: NAMS Workshop in Atlanta, GA

WordPress security experts Regina Smola and Chris Wiegman

Just two weeks to go until NAMS 12..... Meet the WP Security Lock team in Atlanta at the Novice to Advanced Marketing System business workshop. You won't believe how much you will grow your business in 3 short days! I'll be assisting Christine Cobb in a hands on training session that helps WordPress beginners who are starting from scratch. Plus I'll be teaching you how to secure and protect your WordPress sites from numerous attacks that could … [Read more...]

NAMS Open House – Enjoy 7 Free 20 Minute Education-Packed Replays

NAMS Open House

My friend Cathy Demers, hosts the weekly 20-minute business education series "The Business Success Cafe" - the Perfect Coffee Break. I was a featured expert at the "Cafe" awhile back. THIS WEEK Only - Cathy has brewed up something truly remarkable over at the "Cafe"...something you won't want to miss! From June 30 to July 6 ONLY...the Business Success Cafe is providing free 20 minute video replays...highlighting NAMS instructors (I'm honored to be one … [Read more...]

Hacker Attacker: How to Slam the Door on Hackers

Protect Your WordPress Site

Know what to do before and after a hacker attack! Protect your WordPress site from nasty hackers NOW before they strike. Many people have the misconception that if their website is new or doesn't get much traffic it's safe from hacker attacks. Others may think their hosting company is protecting their website. Some rely on their webmaster to know what to do and trust everything has been taken care of. Unfortunately, if you don't educate yourself and … [Read more...]

WSBN Meetup 03/18/2014: WordPress Security with Regina Smola

Regina Smola WSBN

West Suburban Business Networking Meetup (Wheaton, Illinois): The March 18, 2014 Meetup will feature WordPress Security with guest speaker Regina Smola from and Regina is a nationally-known WordPress security expert, consultant and speaker. This is a timely presentation due to the recent attacks on WordPress sites. Some of my sites and client sites have been under the "brute force attacks." Learn how to protect your … [Read more...]

WordPress Security Webinar 03/04/2014 with Regina Smola, David Perdew and Josh Benham


Did you know there’s an epidemic going on right now that could completely wipe out your business? You probably think you have backups of your WordPress site. So did my new clients who thought they were backed up only to find their sites were deleted by hackers and they didn't have any backups. We've put together an URGENT webinar for all self-hosted WordPress users to attend to help you save your website. Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 Time: 7pm CST … [Read more...]

Today is National Change Your Password Day!

Password Security

Way too many people are getting their online accounts, websites, and emails compromised due to bad or weak passwords. Don't let this happen to you. In honor of "National Change Your Password Day," please take some time TODAY and increase your password security. Here's some quick password security tips: Never use the same password twice - each should be unique. Your passwords should be strong with a long combination of letter (upper and lower case), … [Read more...]

Hacked WordPress Site: Know What To Do Before And After A Hacker Attack!

Hacker Attacker Workshop with Regina Smola and David Perdew

How To Protect Yourself From Hackers And What To Do If It’s Too Late Awhile back, David Perdew the CEO of the Novice to Advanced Marketing System got his website hacked and it crippled his business for 6 weeks. It cost him a whole bunch of lost business and lots of money in repairs. The team here at WP Security Lock and I (Regina Smola) worked feverishly to get his website cleaned and locked down his WordPress site like Fort Knox. Afterwards, David … [Read more...]