About WP Security Lock

WP Security Lock Inc. is comprised of a team of Security Experts with more than 15 years combined experience with website security, repair, installation and maintenance.

After repairing many clients’ hacked WordPress sites, the WP Security Lock team was dismayed at the amount of damage done and the money lost from potential sales. They began dedicating themselves to preventing lost sales, time wasted and the frustration of having your site go down. To helping clients secure their site from the beginning to keep the hackers out. No more lost sales because your site’s down.

Of course, they’ll still help you if your site went up without security and now it’s down because of malicious code from a hacker.

The folks at WP Security Lock have been installing and securing WordPress sites since 2006. They’re constantly updating their security tools and testing new security plugins that are being released. You’ll always get the most effective up-to-date security on your site.

But a great WordPress site isn’t just a secure site. Your site has dozens of other elements that must be integrated and work with your security, including your server, files and database.

The experts at WP Security Lock have experience and expertise with all these elements and how they’re interconnected including:

  • WordPress installation, plugins, themes, and customization
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Graphic and Website Design
  • Membership sites including WishList Member and Digital Access Pass
  • Shopping cart integration such as 1ShoppingCart, PayPal, etc.
  • Interactive communities including Forums and chat rooms.
  • Audio and video
  • Social networking integration

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you’ll want the WP Security Lock team on your side to make sure your site won’t lose money from being attacked and to protect your online reputation.

Whether you’re planning a new WordPress blog or website, you’ll want the WP Security Lock team to install it, knowing that your new site will be secure from hackers the minute it’s launched.

Lots of webmasters can install WordPress for their clients, but few bother with security. At WP Security Lock, your safe and secure site is our goal.

WP Security Lock Team

Regina Smola

Regina Smola
CEO & President
Davis Junction, Illinois

Regina is a sought-after WordPress Security Expert, Speaker, Co-Author and owner of WPSecurityLock.com and co-owner of SafeWP.com.

She has helped thousands of WordPress users tighten security on their self-hosted blogs to help prevent future attacks and fixed hundreds of malware infected sites.

Regina has been an Online entrepreneur since 1999 and became a victim of a compromised site in 2004. She then began her journey of studying website security. She started working with WordPress sites and launched WP Security Lock in 2010 to assist others. Regina provides security services for owners of self-hosted WordPress sites. She also offers individual consultations and group training on WordPress security.

Angie Newton

Angie Newton
Team Operations Officer
& Anti-Spam Specialist
Chicagoland, Illinois

Angie handles operations for projects and team members within WP Security Lock.She also specializes in comment spam prevention, conducting professional user training as well as assembling site reviews.

Angie has been working from home since 2001.  She is also an affiliate & Internet marketer, successful blogger and virtual assistant. Regina and Angie met in 2010 and travel together to all out-of-state events. She started at WP Security Lock in 2011.

Gary Cornelisse

Gary Cornelisse
Software Engineer/Architect
State College, Pennsylvania

Gary assists with discovering especially complex hacking vectors that usually consist of a multi-step intrusion process.

He is our System Administrator and also specializes in WordPress and Server security, intrusion detection, malware removal, and website optimization and repair.

Since 1996, Gary has been developing enterprise-level online software architectures for high availability content management and e-commerce systems, including ERP systems integration. Since 2007, he has been developing WordPress themes and plugins, giving him a unique look into common development practices and security concerns in open source software. He has been with WP Security Lock since 2013.

Anthony Xiques

Anthony Xiques
Security Strategist/Consultant
Rochester, New York

Anthony assists medium to large businesses with a security strategy plan to protect their network and online business sites.

He provides security services and development for WordPress sites, while unmasking vulnerabilities, script updates, and performs site and server hardening techniques.

Anthony has a passion for working with brands and national campaigns to increase awareness, online traffic, and revenue. When not using Evernote, MailChimp,or Google Analytics, you might find him building a new web application pulling in data from 173 different APIs, launching a blog based on a whim (and an idea from Seth Godin). WP Security Lock was honored to bring him on board in 2013.

Christine Cobb

Christine Cobb
WordPress Site Manager
Houston, Texas

Christine is a WordPress site manager and also assists with site security, updates, and malware removal for our clients.

She is also partnered with Regina at SafeWP.com, a membership site that educates people with the best security practices for WordPress and internet safety.

Christine is the big cheese at Christine Cobb Marketing, Small Business Marketing Consultant, Blogger, and a Joint Venture partner in a number of web properties. She is also the creator of “Deliver Digital Coaching — The Secret to Delivering Your Expertise to Thousands.” Regina met Christine back in 2010 and seeing first hand her passion and drive to help keep others safe online, she has been helping our clients since 2011.

Cindy Bidar

Cindy Bidar
WordPress Security Tech
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Cindy is a Security Technician assisting clients with WordPress sites. She also assists in malware removal and restoration.

By day, Cindy is a web designer specializing in WordPress, and enjoys creating beautiful sites for her clients. She also has experience in aMember, DAP, and Wishlist.

By night she is a part of the WP Security Lock Hacker Attacker team, hunting down and destroying rogue code and making the Internet a safer place for your blog. In 2012, Cindy helped Regina create SafeWP.com and spent 1 1/2 years educating people on the importance of website and internet security. She continues to be an asset in the contribution of security tips and vulnerability alerts for SafeWP Members.

Rikaine Hernandez

Rikaine Hernandez
Social Media Assistant

Rikaine assists with social media and creating visual content for WP Security Lock. She also specializes in services like email management, blogging, LinkedIn, and more.

She has been working from home since 2011. Rikaine is a travel blogger, destination expert and co-owner of a social media management company with our own Angie Newton. She is also Angie’s virtual assistant.

Rikaine is bilingual in Spanish and helps interpret for non-English speakers. She lives in Honduras but travels often to and from the USA. She has a passion for learning new things and is excited to be on the WPSL team.

Michael Schultz

Michael Schultz
Lead Security Analyst
Rochester, New York

Michael is a WordPress Security Specialist, Suspicious Code Analyst, Author and Major Contributor of WP Security Lock.

He provides WordPress Security Services for clients, including restoration of hacked WordPress blogs, updating WordPress, and application of security techniques.

Michael’s been solving problems on the Web since January, 2001. He also specializes in web development, media design, training, and marketing consulting. Regina met Michael at an event in 2010 when they were sat next to each other to fix a compromised site. Through his passion and drive to assist others, Michael’s been with WP Security Lock ever since.

Michele Butcher

Michele Butcher
WordPress Tech & Speaker
Southern, IL

Michele assists client of WP Security Lock with WordPress updates and security settings.

She specializes in iThemes plugin installation/configuration (including BackupBuddy, iThemes Security, and Sync). Michele is also the Organizer for the Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup and a speaker for various WordCamps.

Miriam Miller

Miriam Miller
Security Reporter & VA
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Miriam Miriam is a reporter and virtual assistant for WP Security Lock. She helps bring you the latest news on WordPress, Internet and computer security issues and assists with website updates.

Miriam has been working from home since 2004 assisting in website design and growth, working as a weight loss coach and blogger and also specializes in customer support and forum moderation management. Miriam is dedicated to the WPSL team.