WordPress 3 Cookbook Review

WordPress 3 Cookbook

by Ric Shreves

“Focuses on providing solutions to common WordPress problems so that you can translate your site to one of the best”

We found this book to be very helpful in many areas especially when it comes to advertising and SEO, but this book covers almost everything you can imagine like

  • managing media files
  • customizing themes
  • digging into plugins and widgets
  • how to get more interaction with your community

and more!

Of course chapter 9 is about security so you don’t want to miss that.  This e-book has great use of images and don’t miss the light bulb images throughout the book where you’ll find interesting tips.

The WordPress 3 Cookbook is easy to follow and will definitely teach you a lot about the various ways you can develop your site/blog using WordPress.  The WordPress 3 Cookbook is for those who are already WordPress users, but we believe that even beginner WordPress users could get quite a bit from it as well.

*Thanks to PACKT Publishing for offering this e-book free for review.

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