Breaking News! WordPress Hacked on Network Solutions

Wordpress Hacked NetworksolutionsWe’ve just received word that websites were maliciously hacked on shared hosting at NetworkSolutions today. WordPress sites were hacked, as well as other CMS systems. This attack is affecting the cgi-bin directory. It creates or modifies a .htaccess file that loads new php files. The php.ini file is also infected.

If your website is on Linux shared hosting at NetworkSolutions, please check your website now.

David Dede of has more information on this attack. You can read his post by clicking here.

We also found an article entitled, “Hacked US Treasury websites serve visitors malware,” which is hosting on Network Solutions.

Please let us know if you’ve been infected and or any information you may have so we can keep spreading awareness to other webmasters affected.

Securely yours,

Regina Smola
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  1. Steve says

    Didn’t affect me. A few weeks of non stop toil 24/7 in triple hardening everything from my local computer to SFTP and my WordPress site on shared hosting might be paying off.

    Good Luck

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